Senaman bagi menurunkan gula dalam darah.

An excercise that can help to reduce the level of sugar and insulin in the blood for diabetics.

A University of Houston Texas paper published at the end of 2022 is sparking a wave of interest Reducing the level of sugar and insulin in the blood for diabetics after eating by 52% (better than many diabetes medications) with a very simple movement and you do not need to make an effort or take any medications. Only by moving a very small muscle located in the calf muscle behind the leg, called the soleus muscle. By moving this muscle while you are sitting in your chair and watching TV, the blood sugar level decreases by a large percentage (by half), and this muscle does not suffer any fatigue, even if you continue to move it for long hours. One of the advantages of this muscle is that it consumes the glucose present in the blood after eating for energy (Glucose) and not the glycogen stored in the muscles like the rest of the body’s muscles. Interesting research, and it could be an effective solution for diabetes without the need for drugs, strenuous exercise, and exhausting diets.

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